TAKKILL Denaturant WB

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TAKKILL Denaturant WB


TAK®kill Denaturant WB is a liquid preparation consisting of a solution of alkalis formulated for use as an additive for spray booth water treatment. As TAK®kill Denaturant WB is a liquid the disadvantages associated with dissolving powder alternatives are eliminated.

TAK®kill Denaturant WB has been developed for the treatment of over-spray paint in paint spray booths, particularly of the conventional pump type. Reaction between the over-spray paint and the TAK®kill Denaturant WB solution in the spray booth ensures that washing chambers, plates and pipe work of the spray booth require less frequent cleaning and the treated paint will float in a conventional denatured non-sticky form for easy removal.

Available in:

  • 25l drum (D4714)
  • 205l barrel (D4714)
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