Hygiene Wipes 70

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Hygiene Wipes 70

Our Orapi Applied LTD Hygiene Wipes 70 contain 70% alcohol and are designed for the cleaning and sanitising of hands and surfaces. They are designed for those who want to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene through regular use throughout the day. The Hygiene Wipes 70 are non-tainting and are particularly well suited for use in food handling areas, as well as in industrial and commercial office applications.


  • Contains 70% alcohol.
  • Contains sanitising ingredients.
  • Bacterial properties remove strains of harmful bacteria.
  • Strong and absorbent fabric.
  • Suitable for use on variety of surfaces.
  • Ready to use disposable wipes which are convenient and easy to use, avoiding cross contamination.

Available in:

  • Tubs of 800 wipes.
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